owner of sparrow and ber and enkindle events and beretta co visuals naomi beretta

Canadian raised but living in South Africa, I am resolute and dynamic. I am passionate about creating experiences for people. Whether through fashion; textiles; design and art; or events, I am able to create an experience for my clients to enjoy. Experiencing a unique moment stirs me.

In each of my skilled areas, authenticity and artistic drive and aesthetic are the core focus.

art paint ceramics on wheel with art supplies on table

Let's create an inspirational moment together!

Testimonial - Enkindle Events

"You put in so much effort and love and the decor was beautiful, classy and very 'me'... I was most pleased with the finer details in terms of decor." - Amy

Testimonial - Sparrow & Ber

"I bought a small zipper carrier bag and was immediately impressed with it. Excellent quality, big enough to fit all my toiletry items for daily use as well as showering. Perfect for travelling and overnight trips...It's unique and trendy while maintaining utility...Will certainly buy more products again & recommend to my friends in a heartbeat!" - Rachael

Testimonial - Sparrow & Ber

"(the small carrier) served me well on my wedding day and honeymoon. It is a perfectly sized bag to fit in any travel suitcase but at the same time fit in all my essentials." - Amy

Testimonial - Enkindle Events

"Naomi was able to understand my vision and expectations so well and helped me to think of things I otherwise would not have." - Annie

Testimonial - Enkindle Events

"She is an easy- going, loving and passionate individual who really went the extra-mile to make me feel special and loved. The details in the hand-made decor, setup and food was thought out with great care..."