About Beretta Co Visuals, Enkindle Events and Sparrow & Ber.

 Why are all three services on one website?

Naomi Beretta uses her skills incorporated in each of the services she provides. Although each is separate, they all can be combined to create your unique moments.

 What is your style or aesthetic?

Enkindle Events: Naomi Beretta uses a minimalist yet detailed aesthetic. Although this is her unique taste, Enkindle Events services all events with a keen detailed eye for any style.

Beretta Co Visuals: Naomi Beretta uses her minimal preference towards her art. With the use of simple lines or neutral colours. Naomi Beretta generally works with acrylics, watercolour, pencil and ink, and charcoal. Although these are usually signs of her work, commissions are done with the clients' interests in mind.

Sparrow & Ber: This brand is marked by minimalism and natural linens and lines. Sparrow & Ber is known for simplicity and beautiful products.

 How can I use one of your services?

For any of the services, please contact us on our page or by email. It is best to include which service business you are needing, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us through one of our social media platforms.

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